Housing Petition - Demand a Fair Deal from Development

Residents deserve a fair deal out of development.

No matter where you look, Victoria’s skyline is dotted with cranes: a clear sign that we are in the midst of a development boom. Meanwhile, the City is facing an acute affordability crisis.

For the past four years, Councillor Loveday has been pushing for inclusionary zoning and for policies that make sure our communities get the affordable and appropriate housing we need.

Every development passed without strong community amenity contribution policies is a missed opportunity. New inclusionary zoning and community amenity contribution policies are set to come before Council on September 6th, 2018. 

It is time for the City to demand that residents get a fair deal out of development.

We, the undersigned, urge Victoria City Council to implement inclusionary zoning to ensure every development includes affordable housing, and to amend our community amenity contribution policies to make sure the impacts of development are offset by investment in the public good. 

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