Loveday urges council to reconsider cut in Film Commission grant

"Victoria councillors made a mistake in reducing grant funding to the Greater Victoria Film Commission, says Coun. Jeremy Loveday, who wants his colleagues to reconsider the decision.

If the policy is formally adopted by council, it would mean a $20,000 cut to the $45,000 grant the film commission received last year.

Film commissioner Kathleen Gilbert said the funding cut would be devastating. She said Thursday she will appeal to council to reconsider. The film commission conservatively brought more than $18 million to the Greater Victoria economy last year — mostly in Victoria and Saanich — while operating on a budget of $175,000, she said.

Loveday, who voted against capping the grants, said it makes no sense to reduce the film commission’s funding.

“I really think we need to be investing in the Grater Victoria Film Commission. They had a banner year in 2015. With $18 million into the local economy, these are the types of investments we should be making,” he said.


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